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Jun 9, 2018

Wonderful hotel! A rare combination of a real European service and Russian hospitality. For what's pleasing, the hotel has not lost these qualities for several years already (as we know, we have such a disease: first we do it "right", and then ...). hotel (pool, fitness center, restaurant, lobby...) that I want to be in it constantly. In general, this is a classy hotel in a provincial town (please do not take offense at this Vyksa residents). I would like to say about breakfast (included in the the cost of living!). So thought out the menu that you will not get bored, how much would you We were at the hotel. Separately THANKS to the chefs for the absolutely awesome porridge: millet and rice! I wish management and staff of the hotel "Batashev" keep further high standards of guest service. I wish you success! I recommend everyone to go to Vyksa, near Moore, to Diveevo, 145 km (on January 6 I went 1h 50min, in summer it is possible to get to 1h20m-1h30m) and stop at the Batashev Hotel ...