Фитнес-центр «Жемчужина»
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Fitness center Zhemchuzhina

Working hours of Fitness center: every day from 7 a.m. till 22 p.m. Tel.: 8(83177) 9-07-93.

Fitness center «Zhemchuzhina» invites You to take a break from everyday life and relax. Spending time in the first-class Fitness center has a positive effect on the whole body and makes You happy.

At your service:

Price* for a three-hour stay costs 400 rubles for guests staying the hotel** and 500 rubles for the visitors.

*included in the room price: gym, swimming pool, sauna, hammam, tea, jam in the rest area.**400 rub. — 11 a.m. till 22 p.m., 7 a.m. till 11 a.m. — free.


Traditional Finnish sauna is a contrast of high temperature (up to 100-110 C) and low humidity. You will feel a rush of energy and regain cheerfulness.


Turkish bath differs from traditional Russian and Finnish baths. There’s no sharp temperature drops what makes it comfortable for those who can’t stand intense heat. Steam room is equipped with marble benches. Visiting the Hammam will recover and make you feel better.

Gym for individual sessions is divided into two zones: one for power trainings and other for free weights.

Group room

Here You can visit classes for Your liking and keep Your body in shape. In Pilates classes You treat the muscles which are practically not affected in aerobics classes.

List of groups:

  1. Aqua aerobics
  2. Pilates
  3. Yoga
  4. Press exercises (ABS)
  5. Fitball
  6. Power gymnastics
  7. Tai-bo
  8. Body care

The whole complex of courting and tonic procedures is available within our fitness-centre. Among them, the unordinary «Magic taste of white wine», anti-cellulite wrap Parafango, «Chocolate delight» and many other offers.

Hairdresser’s services

In our fitness-center, You can make a coiffure or change Your style completely. Stylists from the beauty saloon «Nota Bene» are true professionals in their field. Exept a haircut, hairdo, hair coloring and hair restoration procedure You can make manicure here. There is a solarium also.


It’s nice and useful at the same time. Many types of massage are destined for different purposes. But they all have a good effect on the body, help relieve tension and fatigue. Massage keeps muscles in tone, makes skin firmer.

Vertical turbosolarium

Solarium LUXURA V5 in the fitness center «Zhemchuzhina» has a certificate of safety. We use professional lamps of the highest quality from the company Maxlight (USA, Hungary) and change them on time.

Price for 1 minute — 25 rubles.

Program «If You forgot...»

If You suddenly forgot something at home, don’t worry. We are happy to inform about our special program «If You forgot...».Bathing accessories, personal hygiene items, nail care products and many other things You may buy in the fitness center «Zhemchuzhina».

For any information about availability of the products, producer or price You may call 9-07-93.